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Goya, Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes,,

Los Desastres de la guerra.( The Disastres of war) Coleccion de ochenta laminas inventadas y grabadas al agua-forte Por Don Francesco Goya. 4. th. Edition


4th Edition, publicala in Real Academia de Belles Artes de San Fernando. Madrid, 1906, Oblong small folio. 24x32 cm. With titelpage and biographical introduction. Bound in half contemporary cloth. Binding defective.Printed on laid paper without watermark.

Pagination 2 plates numbered 5 but one is actual no 15. No 7 is framed. Limited to 275 prints. 1. printing was 500 , 2. printing 100, 3. printing 100 prints. 4.printing considered as fine as 2.and 3. printing. One of the art historys famous works


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