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De Amoris Generibus.


(Tarvisius, per Gerardum (de Lisa) de Flandria, 1492, 13th of October). 4to. Very nice later (about 1600) full sheepskinbdg. w. gilt line-frames and gilt corner-ornamentations on boards. Back gilt. Corners and edges a bit worn (mostly due to wormholing). Wormholes to paper on inside of boards as well as to some leaves, though only marginally and not affecting text. Waterstaining throughout. All in all a well-preserved copy. ff. (6), I-XCII + XCV (lacking five leaves: Colophon-leaf and ff. XCIII, XCIV, XCVI, XCVII), in all 99 of 104 leaves. ¶ Rare first edition of the Italian moralist's main work, because of which the great humanist is remembered today. The full title of the work is "Anterotica sive amoris generibus", though "anterotica" is only mentioned on verso of the first leaf, whereas the work opens with the shorter title on the first leaf. This is the only edition to have appeared during the author's lifetime, the only incunable-edition, and the only edition to have existed untill 1608, when the work was printed for the second time in a rather defective and much less beatuful edition under a different title ("De Contemnendis Amoribus").
The author, Petrus Haedus or Cavretto, was born in Pordenone, Italy around 1424 and died around 1501. The mystical work is written as a conversation between two of his friends, a priest and a poet, who hold opposing viws on the topic - love. It is a great representation of renaissance thought, and a valuable contribution to the study of this period. The typescript is a beautiful small roman one, which is very distinctive.
The prominent printer Gerardus de Lisa "de Flandria" worked in Venice and in Treviso (=Tarvisium), and is the first printer of Treviso, where this work was printed (see Brunet Supplement, IX:1219). He was a former companion of Gutenberg's coworker, Peter Schöffer, and his works are considered very beautiful and important. He was active in the period 1471 - 1499.
The work is considered very rare and sought after, and the second edition, which appeared 116 yeras later is of a much degrated quality.
"Ouvrage de théologie mystique, dirigé contre l'amour. L'édition est impr. en petits carat. fort nets, et les exemplaires en sont rares." (Brunet III:10). "[...] il [Haedus] serait complétement oublié s'il n'avait pas eu l'idée de composer un ouvrage de théologie mystique, dirigé contre l'amour. Devenu rare et assez recherché des bibliophiles, cet ouvrage a pour titre: Anterotica, sive amoris generibus, libri tres. Tarvisii, per Gerardum de Flandria. 1492, in 4o. Il en a été fait une réimpression à Cologne en 1608, De contemnendis Amoribus; mais cette réimpression est très-défectueuse. Hædus se met en scène comme conversant avec deux de ses amis, le poëte Æmilianus Cimbriacus, qui prend le parti de l'amour, et le prêtre Antonius Philemus, qui expose tous le maux dont cette passion et la source." (N.B.G. 23, p. 52).
Brunet III:10, Hain II,I:1, Wood I:159.

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