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La structure et l'evolution de l'univers. Rapports et discussions. Onzième Conseil de Physique tenu à l'Université de Bruxelles du 9 au 13 juin 1958.


Bruxelles, Stoops, 1958. 8vo. Full red cloth with gilt title to spine. IX, (5), 309, (2) pp. Minor wear to extremities, otherwise a very nice and clean copy. ¶ First publication of the 1958-symposion held at the Institut International de Physique Solvay.

The report is divided in three parts. The first one discusses the general aspects of coamology and point out their relations with geometry, quantum theory and philosophical background. The second part is an exposition of the successive processes which arise in cosmology; how cosmic rays and gaseous clouds lead to the arrangement of galaxies. The third part reports on results which point toward a solution.

"Solvay was a member of the Belgian senate and a minister of state. He founded the Solvay International Institutes of Chemistry, of physics, and of Sociology. Bt the term of Solvay's gift, the institutes held periodical international conferences at which such broad areas of science as electrons and photons (1928), the solid state (1951), and the origin and structure of the universe [the present volume] were discussed. The names of the participants testify to the quality of the contributions." (DSB, XII, 521a).

As notably scholars as Thomas Gold (the steady state universe), William Wilson Morgan (MK system for the classification of stars), Léon Rosenfeld (coined the name lepton), Harlow Shapley (was the first to realize that the Milky Way Galaxy was much larger than previously believed), John Archibald Wheeler (coined the terms black hole, quantum foam and wormhole) participated in the 1958-conference.

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