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As search fields, Author, Title and Free text are available. With free text all fields are searched, also author and title - this search is also in use on the front page.

Enter the word(s) or figure(s) to be found. Try to find the most unique words describing the book; also keyword names can be used. By default only titles containing all word patterns will be returned. Normally, less search words will give more hits, while more search words give less hits.

Do not bother typing accents, they will be removed anyway. The search engine also does not distinguish between i/j, q/k, u/v/w, x/ks, and will interpret sequences of the same character as a single character. From larger words, only the first 10-12 characters are used.

For advanced search use:

* add a star to a word to find all the words starting with the pattern entered

+ start with a plus to find all containing any of the words

- insert a minus in front of a word or word pattern if it should be excluded



finds all with "lundkvist, lundquist, lundqvist"

lundkvist 1952

finds all with "lundkvist, lundquist, lundqvist" published 1952

artur lundkvist

finds all with "artur" AND "lundkvist, lundquist, lundqvist"

artur + lundkvist

finds all with both "artur" AND/OR "lundkvist, lundquist, lundqvist"

lundkvist - artur

finds all with "lundkvist, lundquist, lundqvist" but NOT "artur"

lundkvist - artur - birger - sven

finds all with "lundkvist, lundquist, lundqvist" but NOT "artur", "birger" or "sven"


finds all containing a word starting with "lund"

lundkvist 195*

finds all with "lundkvist, lundquist, lundqvist" published 1950-1959

When the search result comes up, the search form can be found at the bottom of the page, now equipped with a Refine button. Use this one to search within the current selection. The new search result will be matched with the previous, and only titles occurring in both will be displayed.

Titles will be displayed ordered alphabetically by author, within author by title, within title by year. Titles which don't have an author, will be ordered as if the title is the author.

The alphabet in use is the English one, with ä and Æ ordered as AE - ö as OE - Ü as UE - Þ as TH and the rest as the most similar character without accent.