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All prices are including VAT or not subject to VAT, unless stated otherwise. Postage and shipping are not included. Please note several shops have stored books at other places; always await confirmation if you want to come and collect a book at the shop offering it.

Each item is handled as a separate order with separate costs.  When ordering more than one items from the same book shop, these will be send sent together, as far as possible. As postage and taxes are partially based on weight, we can't inform about the exact shipping costs in advance. But when an extra heavy order is detected, you will have the opportunity to either accept the extra shipping costs, or to decline from paying extra, thus the order will be cancelled.  

  •  as books are offered at other places as well, items may already have been sold
  • prices do not include deductible vat, unless mentioned otherwise
  • prices are excl. delivery, banking costs and export charge
  • prices shown in other currencies are guiding; the amount in the original currency is charged
  • with mail order you have 14 days right of return; costs for returns are paid by the buyer
  • the participating booksellers have the right to charge payment in advance
  • Possible additional conditions are shown with the items, under shopping bag.