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If the book you're looking for isn't present in our database, you can enter it below into the want list. When the book is found, you will be notified by e-mail. The book is however not reserved for you; more people may receive the same offer at the same time.

You will be notified about all new acquirements where the first few words of the author and titel fields match. Therefore it's best to enter the author's last name first, and start the title field with the most significant words from the title. Thus "furcht zittern" is better than "furcht und zittern".

About the want list

A valid and functioning e-mail address is necessary for receiving offers through this service.

The offer mails will contain a link which enables you to delete your want from the want list.

Overview your want list

After login visit "My Account" » "Wishlist" for overview of your wishes.

Remove item from want list after this period.