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De secretis mulierum. Item de virtutibus herbarum lapidum et animalium.


Amsterdam, apud Henricum et Theod. Boom, 1669. 12mo. 329,+ (6) pp. A few small and minimal stains. Recurring very weak dampstain in the margin in the lower corner. Some pages with folds. Crossed out notation on title page. Bound together with: BALDUINUS, Christian Adolph. Aurum superius & inferius aurae superioris et inferioris hermeticum, Christiani Adolphi Balduini. Amsterdam, apud Joannem Jansonium à Waesberge, 1675. 12mo. (20),+ 96,+ (13) pp.+ 3 engr. fold. plates. Small hole near the spine on p. 5-6 with loss of a couple of letters. Slightly soiled contemporary vellum with blue sprinkled edges. Traces of removed wax seal on inside front board. Library bookplate of the Provincial masonic lodge of Gothenburg, and its hand written number-label on spine.

STCN 095189181 resp. 097596558. Ferguson I, pp. 15 resp. 68. Caillet 662 for Balduinus (”Petit traité fort rare de la pierre philosophale”), this edition of Albertus Magnus not in Caillet. Duveen p. 41 for Balduinus. Verginelli 22, for an incomplete copy of Balduinus. Later edition of ”De secretis mulierum” (On the secrets of women), an immensly popular work which was published many times during the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, sometimes separately and sometimes in compilations such as this, which also contains ”Liber aggregationis” and ”De mirabilibus mundi” as well as ”De secretis naturae” by Michael Scotus. The works attributed to Albertus Magnus were not written by him, but by followers who drew (sometimes faultily) from his work. Suggested authors have been Thomas of Brabant and Henry of Saxony, but they have since been ruled out. Balduinus book is an enlarged version of a tract (Aurum Aurae) originally published in 1673. This edition (including the appendix on the unpaginated thirteen pages at the end, with separate title: ”Phosphorus Hermeticus sive magnes luminaris”.) was also published by Georg Heinrich Fromann in Frankfurt and Leipzig the same year. Balduinus (Christian Adolf Baldewein, 1632-82) was a magistrate in Großenhain in Sachsen. He was a dedicated alchemist and convinced that the ”prime matter” from which the Philosopher’s stone was made was volatile and could only be found in the air. It was when experimenting with this process that he chanced upon the phosphorous substance that came to bear his name (Balduins phosphorous, actually Calcium nitrate). It is this ”light magnet” that is described in the ”Phosphorus Hermeticus”. The main work "deals with the extraction of gold from the air by universal magnetism" (Thorndike VIII, p.381). Also contains a celebratory poem ”Madrigal” by Johann Engelhart.

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