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Recherches sur la Conductibilité Galvanique des Électrolytes. I: La conductibilté des solutions aqueuses extrêmement diluées déterminée au moyen du dépolarisateur. II: Théorie chimique des électrolytes.


Stockholm, P.A. Norstedt, 1884. 8vo. (215x145 mm). No.13+14, Vol.8 of 'Bihang till K. Svenska Vet.Akad. Handlingar'. 63,(1);89,(1) pp. and 1 lithographed plate. Fine and clean. Uncut and mostly unopened. Custom cloth box. Papers from this supplement series to the 'Proceedings of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' are often mistakenly identified as offprints or 'first separate edition' because they have their own title page with the publishers named and their own pagination, but they are not - all publications from this series were printed separately in this way and issued in a wrapper mentioning number and volume (not present here). ¶ First edition of Arrhenius' famous dissertation, in which he first presented his theory of electrolytic dissociation. Arrhenius was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1903 "in recognition of the extraordinary services he has rendered to the advancement of chemistry by his electrolytic theory of dissociation". See Dictionary of Scientific Biography, I:p.296-302 and Partington, IV:p.672-81.

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