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Del modo di misurare le distantie, le superficie, i corpi, le piante, le prouincie, le prospettiue, & tutte le altre cose térrene, che possono occorrere à gli huomini, Secondo le vere regale d'Euclide, & de gli altri più lodati Scritteri.


Venetia (Venedig), Sebastiano Combi, 1614. Small 4to. Later hcalf (from 18th century), spine gilt. Upper compartment of spine with wear. Titlepage with large renaissance-border in woodcut. Portrait in woodcut. 145,(3) lvs. (=290,(6) pp.)Lower margin ofthe 7 first leaves a bit dampstained. With numerous woodcut-illustrations in the text, geometrical figures, instruments used in surveying etc. Without the 2 woodcut-plates.The 12 last leaves with a dampstain in upper margin. A small hole to last leaf loosening a few letters in "Tavola". Some scattered brownspots.

Scarce work - probably the last edition - on geometry and arithmetic by the florentine geometer Bartoli, born in 1503, died in 1572. He is also known for his translation of the works of Finaeus."Although the book is on practical mensuration, the 'libro sesto' is upon square and cubic root.The galley method is used, and the common sixteenth-century device of annexing 2 n ciphers in square root and dividing the root by 10* (and similarly for cube root) is employed. Bartoli also gives a table of squares to 662.2. The chapter on roots is followed by one on the 'Regola delle tre cose, ouero quattro proportionali.' (Smith in Rara Arithmetica No. 315 (ed. 1589)). The fourth book deals with the use of the compass. - Graesse I:303.

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