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Remarks on the employment of Oblique Riders, and on other alterations in the construction of Ships. Being the Substance of a report presented to the Board of Admirality, with additional demonstrations and illustrations. Read March 24, 1814.


(London, W. Bulmer and Co., 1814). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions" 1814 - Part II. Pp. 303-336 and 1 engraved plate.. Clean and fine, wide-margined.. ¶ First appearance of a main work in the theory of ship-construction. After many years of experiments with and occupation with the theories of light, where Young revived the undulatory theory of Huygens and gave new proofs of the wave nature of light, explaining refractions and interference phenomena in a new way, he attacked some practical problems relating to the mathematical theories of the strenght of materials.

"Young showed his unusual ability not only in solving purely scientific problems but also attacking practical engineering difficulties. For instance, he presented a report to the Board of Admiralty (the paper offered) dealing with the use of oblique riders, and concerning other alterations in the construction of ships. He treats the hull of a ship as a beam, assumes a definite distribution of weight and a definite shape of waves, and calculates the magnitudes of the shearing forces and bending moments at several cross sections. he also shows how the deflection of a ship canbe calculated. He explains that the flexural rigidity of a ship depends, to a great extent, upon the connections between the parts....Young favors the adoption of diagonal bracing in the construction of wooden ships. It seems that this report constitutes the first attempt at applying theoretical analysis to the structural design of ships." (Timoshenko pp. 97-98).

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