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On the Anatomy and Histology of the Land-Planarians of ceylon, with some Account of their Habits, and a Description of two new Species, and with Notes on the Anatomy of some European Aquatic Species. Received January 16, - Read February 20, 1873.


(London, Taylor and Francis, 1874). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from "Philosophical Transactions", Vol. 164 - Part I, Pp. 105-171 and 6 lithographed plates. Clean and fine. ¶ First printing of this importent monograph on the flatworms of Ceylon.
Henry Nottidge Moseley studied at Oxford and the University of London; he also studied biology at the Universities of Wien and Leipzig. Dr. Moseley participated as a naturalist in the HMS Challenger Expedition (1872-76). He visited Japan in the spring of 1875.
Returning to England, he was appointed a Professor at the University of London and then at the University of Oxford. He studied various invertebrates. For flatworms he published taxonomic papers on land planarians from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) (1875), Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines (1877). Bipalium kewense Moseley, 1878 was described by him based upon the samples collected from the Kew Gardens. This species is now known as a cosmopolitan bipalid species.

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