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A Theory of the Spatial Distribution of Galaxies (+) Frequency of Separation and of Interlocking of Clusters of Galaxies. - [THE NEYMAN-SCOTT CLUSTERING MODEL]


[No place, no printer], 1952 & 1953. 8vo. In the original printed wrappers. Offprints from "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences", Vol. 39, No. 8, 1953 & "The Astrophysical Journal", Vol. 116, No. 1, July, 1952.Two library stamps to front wrappers, otherwise both fine and clean. Pp. (2), 145-163; Pp. 737-43.

First printing of Neyman and Scott's two influential papers in which they present their theory of the spatial distribution of galaxies which is based on four main assumptions: 1, Galaxies occur only in clusters. 2, The numbers of galaxies varies from cluster to cluster to cluster. 3, The distribution of galaxies within a cluster is also subject to a probabilistic law. 4, The distribution of cluster centers in space is subject to a probabilistic law described as quase-uniform."Neyman’s major research efforts at Berkeley were devoted to several large-scale applied projects. These included questions regarding competition of species (with T. Park), accident proneness (with G. Bates), the distribution of galaxies and the expansion of the universe (with C.D. Shane and particularly Elizabeth Scott, who became a steady collaborator and close companion), the effectiveness of cloud seeding, and a model for carcinogenesis. Of these, perhaps the most important was the work in astronomy, where the introduction of the Neyman-Scott clustering model brought new methods into the field." (DSB).

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