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Über die Pfaffsche Methode, eine gewöhnliche lineare Differentialgleichung zwischen 2n Variabein durch ein System von n Gleichungen zu integriren.


Berlin, G. Reimer, 1832. 4to. As extracted from "Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik, 1832, band 8". Without backstrip. Fine and clean. Pp. 347-57 [Entire extract: Pp. 347-384 ].

First appearance of Jacobi's paper on the Pfaffian method. "Most of Jacobi's fundamental research articles in the theory of elliptic functions, mathematical analysis, number theory, geometry, and me-chanics were published in Crelle's Journal fue die reine and angewandte Mathematik. With an average of three articles per volume, Jacobi was one of its most active contributors and quickly helped to establish its international fame. Yet his tireless occupation with research did not impair his teaching. On the contrary- never satisfied to lecture along trodden paths, Jacobi presented the substance of his own investigations to his students. He would lecture up to eight or ten hours a week on his favorite subject, the theory of elliptic functions, thus demanding the utmost from his listeners. He also inaugurated what was then a complete novelty in mathematics-research seminars-assembling the more advanced students and attracting his nearest colleagues." (DSB).

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