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Formale und transzendentale Logik. Versuch einer Kritik der logischen Vernunft. Sonderabdruck aus: "Jahrbuch für Philosophie und phänomenologische Forschung", Bd. X. Herausgegeben von E. Husserl, Freiburg I. Br. - [THE FINAL CONCEPTION OF LOGIC]


Halle, Niemeyer, 1929. 4to. A bit later blue full fabrikoid binding. Gilt lettering to spine. Clean and fresh copy. Old owner's signature to title-page. XI, (1), 298 pp.

First edition of Husserl's seminal work, which contains his philosophy of logic and mathematics. This important work entitled "Formal and Transcendental Logic" with the sub-title "An Attempted Critique of the Logic Reason" provides us with Husserl's final conception of logic. Though now famous as the father of phenomenology, Husserl was initially a student of mathematics, and in his two first works "Über den Begriff der Zahl" and "Philosophie der Aritmetik", his early philosophy is developed on the basis of mathematics with the aim to provide a sound foundation for mathematics by combining it with philosophy and psychology. His main work from 1900-1901, Logische Untersuchungen", probably one of the two most important and influential philosophical works of the 20th century, Husserl establishes a philosophy that asks the question of the essence of the matter of perception as opposed to the form of perception, as well as the meaning of the difference between formal or pure and material laws, truths and determinations, -all based on his strong interest in the relationship between the formalities of arithmetic and of logic.However, it is in his "Formal and Transcendental Logic" that Husserl most thoroughly introduces us to the formal character of logic and formulates his final conception of it. According to Husserl, logic is formal, because it is nothing more than the development of pure reason, and pure reason is a formal concept. As such, logic for Husserl becomes the self-interpretation of pure reason (die Selbstauslegung der reinen Vernunft) which is, again, a formal activity. Husserl also determines that there are two formal ways of conceiving logic, one being a tool for judging sentences true or false, and another, which includes knowledge.And so, this work not only provides us with a genetic-phenomenological investigation of philosophy and of the basis of logic, but it also provides us with an insight into the entire inner systematic structure of late Husserlian thought.

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