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Additive Eigenschaften der verdünnten Salzlösungen.


Stockholm, (P.A. Norstedt), 1887. 8vo. In the original printed wrappers. No. 9, Vol.32 of 'Bihang till K. Svenska Vet.Akad. förandlingar'. A very fine and clean copy. Pp. 561-576. ¶ First German appearance, published five month later same year as the Swedish original, on the theory of electrolytic dissociation.

"Through the influence of Edlund, Arrhenius received a travel grant from the Swedish Academy of Sciences which made it possible for him to work in the laboratories of Ostwald in Riga (later in Leipzig), Kohlrausch in Würzburg, Ludwig Boltzmann in Graz, and van't Hoff in Amsterdam. During these Wanderjahre (1886-1890), he further developed the theory of electrolytic dissociation. Arrhenius' theory was, however, slowly accepted at first, but because of neglect rather than active opposition. It was the enthusiasm and influence of Ostwald and van't Hoff that helped to make it widely known. In 1887 Arrhenius met Walther Nernst in Kohlrausch's laboratory. There, too, he carried out an important investigation on the action of light on the electrolytic conductivity of the silver salts of the halogens."

Svante Arrhenius (1859-1927) was a prominent chemist and one of the founders of the science of physical chemistry. He was awarded the 1903 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the pioneering work which he had done in his famous dissertation on electrolytic conductivity ('Recherches sur la conductivité galvanique des électrolytes', 1884). However Arrhenius is becoming increasingly more known for his discovery of the greenhouse effect and its influence on global temperature.
Papers from this supplement series to the 'Proceedings of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' are often mistakenly identified as offprints or 'first seperate edition' (indicating the existence of a jounal edition) because they have their own title page with the publishers named and their own pagination, but they are not - all publications from this series were printed seperatley in this way and issued with wrappers.

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