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Physische Untersuchungen über das Feuer. Aus dem Französischen übersetzt mit Anmerkungen von Christ. Ehrenfr. weigel.


Leipzig, Crusius, 1782. Contemp. full marbled calf. raised bands. Richly gilt spine. Titlelabel with gilt lettering. A paperlabel pasted on lower part of spine. With the monogram of King Christian VII on red background on upper cover. Stamp on foot of title-page. 247 pp. A fine copy, but lacking the 7 plates. ¶ First German edition of Marat's "Recherches Physiques sur la feu", 1780. Marat was the famous revolutionary, "Ami du Peuple", and the author of several works on scientific value. this book contains his theory of "fluide ogné", a mechanical explanation of the phenomena of heat. Like Boyle, marat believed that a body is heavier when heated than when cold. The theory "was first vigorously attacked by an American, Count Rumford, but as late as 1856 it receive preference over the dynamic theory in the article 'heat' in Encyclopedia Britannica 88th ed.)." He became an enemy of Lavoisier.
Duveen, 388 (French ed.) - Poggendorff II,39.

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