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Rich, John & Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew (ed.)

City and country in the ancient world


Routledge 1991 xviii, 305Sider. Publishers cloth in dust jacket Very nice copy Name (Peter Ørsted) on title page. A few markings in the text. Leicester-Nottingham studies in ancient society - A.M. Snodgrass: Archaeology and the study of the Greek city. Ian Morris: The early polis as city and state. T.E. Rihll: Modelling settlement structures in Ancient Greece / T.E. Rihhl and A.G. Wilson. W.G. Cavanagh: Surveys, cities and synoecism. Robin Osborne: Pride and prejudice, sense and subsistence. John R. Patterson: Settlement, city and elite in Samnium and Lycia. Martin Millett: Roman towns and their territories. T.W. Potter: Towns and territories in Southern Etruria

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